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What Matters Most to Us

Empowering our clients to make informed financial decisions, we firmly believe that if you don’t know where you are, it’s nearly impossible to know where you are going. Through pre-scheduled periodic review meetings, we will make sure we stay actively involved in your financial life, providing you with confidence  to live your life to the fullest.

As a financial planning firm, we strive to always act in a fiduciary capacity with clients. To help ensure we uphold this responsibility, there are three core principles that serve as the bedrock of what we do:


Investment management requires experience, knowledge, and trust. We believe that the foundation of our relationship starts and ends here. We promise to listen to your needs and deliver sound guidance through all economic situations.


We are professionals with strong moral character. We actively practice this in business and in our community. We strive to always be fair, honest and transparent with everyone we serve.


We treat our clients like family — never imposing any unfair judgment and always providing you with advice and guidance that best suits your needs.

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                                                              Our Story

Beginning as Horizon Wealth Management, our firm was formed in 2012. We realized that being independent was the only way we could avoid conflicts and truly serve our clients’ best interests. Our team quickly attracted industry talent with our integrity and client-focused approach. We achieved our goal of becoming a comprehensive financial planning firm.

Although we built a team and delivered to our clients as promised, we realized that there was a powerful synergy with accountants. Understanding that no financial decision is sound until all tax implications are considered, we merged with a local CPA firm to add to our circle of comprehensive financial services — offering our clients much of what they need to make educated decisions for their futures, as well the futures of their families and businesses.