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Ryan Kus, CRPC®

Ryan Kus, CRPC®

Financial Planner | President

Ryan Kus graduated with high honors from Rutgers University in New Jersey in 2003. Following graduation, Ryan took a sales position with the insurance company American Income. There he found immediate success, and after one year, took a management role where he organized and then led a team of ten salespeople. Ryan was off to a great start, but he felt a desire to help people in a deeper way. In 2005, Ryan was recruited by MetLife’s second most productive office to work as a financial advisor. While there, Ryan built an independent company that focused on working with business health insurance and employee benefits. This really took off, and by 2008 his team was working with over 135 companies. That same year, Ryan married his wife Rachel, sold his employee benefit business, and moved to Plymouth, Michigan. He continued his financial planning practice in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

In 2010, Ryan was approached by M&O Marketing, a national marketing organization located in Southfield, Michigan, and was offered an executive position with the company. He was responsible for building a new division with a focus on distributing financial products to financial advisors around the country. During this time he wrote the book “Got MELC?” and wrote articles for “Life Insurance Selling,” a national trade journal.

Ryan separated from M&O Marketing in 2013, to help create Horizon Wealth Management, the predecessor to Horizon Advisers. He uses his past experience to assist his clients in working toward achieving their goals, and utilizes his leadership skills to continue to expand the Horizon team. In 2015, Ryan helped put together an acquisition of a CPA firm, and then in 2016, Ryan helped create Horizon Advisers and merge two other tax practices.


I currently reside in Plymouth, MI with my wife, Rachel, daughter, Charley, and son, Gage. I moved around a fair amount as a kid. I have spent parts of my life living in Michigan, New Hampshire, and New Jersey.

My favorite sports are basketball, football, and tennis. One of my passions in life is traveling, and while I have been all over the world, I have many stops to go.

I value hard work. My mother and father were both Marines. We grew up with little and in our home, hard work was a way of life. I still embrace this today, and will always appreciate this quality.

I have had to overcome great obstacles in my life and have learned from each one. My greatest being the death of my sister and mother when I was 17 and 19.